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Pendants & Rings for each character

The Ring: The custom of giving you more defense on an attribute, an example: if a BK which has a wind attribute (which has in its twisting slash you want to paste) and you had a wind ring, it will defend you much more than if you were not.

The Pendant: This is exactly the opposite, that is responsible for strengthening an attribute, an example: is the fire in the DL's, as we see most of the DL's is empowered with fire attribute, along stick with a pendant of fire is much stronger than if you did not have it.
(We can find different types of rings and pendant.)

Rings: Earth - Fire - Wind - Magic, with options:
* MaxMana +4% Increase
* MaxHP +4% Increase
* Defense success rate +10%
* ecibidos5% reflected shock
* Recibidos5% reduces shock
* HP Recovery 7%

Pendant: Ice - Wind - Water - Ability - Lighting, with options:
* Increase Damage + level/20
* Increase attacking (wizardly) speed +7
* Excellent Damage Probability 10%
* Increases damage 2%
* Increase MP / +8 kill
* Increase HP / +8 kill

[Blade Knight] As we know the most important attribute is the wind (Wind = wind), and if we need defense against other players of the same class, we need a ring bone or 2 wind, if we want to protect from DL's, defense against a fire we would need the most recommended way is:
* Pendant: Wind
* Ring 1: Wind
* Ring 2: Wind and Fire (In my Opinion, DL is the only character who can get to cope with a BK, so bad is not a fire)

[Dark Lord] The specific attribute is the fire (fire = fire), so the best jewelry choices would be:
* Pendant: Fire
* Ring 1: Fire
* Ring 2: Fire

[Soul Master] His attribute is generally used Ice, because Ice storm power, although some people use the decay and the inferno, almost always opt for a pendant Ice, the assembly of ring can be varied, but always a wind and fire. With this we say:
* Pendant: Ice
* Ring 1: Fire
* Ring 2: Wind

[Magic Gladiator] Well this player does not have an attribute which is let to stand out. We use 2 types of pendant: Wind or Ability, my recommendation. After all the player is weak against all, we use bone for me.
* Pendant: Wind
* Ring 1: Fire
* Ring 2: Fire and Ice (whether or not a floor of a wind hit you so need that a wind).

[Muse Elf] This player generally attribute highlights the ice, ice arrow because of the power of elf, elfs on the rings using the Fire and Wind...according to my limited experience with elfs, then would be:
* Pendant: Ice
* Ring 1: Fire
* Ring 2: Wind